Update New Version Platform Clinic

1. Completely reworked UI using Vue JS technology.
2. Refactored backend using Node JS technology.
3. Added the function of prescribing the original drug.
4. Added a new receipt function.
5. add check function unlinked receipt.
6. Added a function to confirm the rights of the manager's rights. Cancellation of important items (requires code).
7. Cancellation of important items (requires code).
Added the function of cross-branching drug transfer You can accept the amount without having to new item.
8. Added functionality to import multiple libraries at once.
9. Added the queuing function, reducing the episodes.
10. Added the function of retrieving the NACC card without the need for additional information, updating, editing. automatic entry.
11. Add the function of the pill set.
12. Added a full API connection. Clients can be used to connect to other systems.

1. Examination report analysis report With dashboard.
2. Drug list / equipment analysis report With dashboard.
3. Adjusted the structure of the split language system, split dbLog, split the image to use the CDN In order to run the image To make the system support future expansion And for the speed of the system.
4. Restructuring to support future API services.
5. Added support for currencies in the system, including THB, USD, LAK, MMK
6. Increase customer list retrieval by month of birth.
7. Can add the issuance of documents on behalf of the company, including invoices, receipts, Tax invoice, deposit invoice.
8. Invoicing process has been moved to a pending state. The system will open to print. Invoice.
9. Can adjust the printing of medical certificates in 2 types: 1. Certificate for five diseases 2. For driving license.
10. Adjust printing of lab results and add lab reports.
11. Add the OPD printing image display.

1. Added a function to calculate the commission per transaction, including a. Service / course b. Medicine / equipment.
Commission calculation Will be able to select employees to receive commissions. Can be connected with.
2. Additional functions of cutting services / courses for all 3 forms With bunch cost, drug list / equipment can be calculated in Auto By forcing the selection of drugs / equipment that are about to expire first In order of the stock cycle of Medicine / equipment to dispense medicine / equipment until empty For convenience in use.
3. Add a commission report
4. Add a summary report of dispensing / equipment.
5. Add a summary report of drug / equipment movement.
6. Add a summary report of drug stock / equipment balance.
7. Add function Choosing a doctor In the service cut You can select more than 1. Sir .
8. Add a function that can edit staff and doctors' hands within 7 days Of service cuts (The right to edit is manager).
9. Add report of course / procedure movement.
10. Add a customer tag.
11. Edit slip
12. Dashboard overview Can be closed-open By assigning each User according to their needs.
13. Off - Turn on the display of important information, each user can be assigned. As required.
14. Add notification system Receipt list (awaiting payment) So the payment will be made easy and convenient .
15. Add function Discounts per entry include Examination list, course list, drugs and equipment Including revising various reports and receipts Tax invoices, other deposits All connected.
16. Document saving support | Face Chart function has the following features.
16.1 Record up to 12 documents per checklist.
16.2 Supported files include PDF JPEG JPG PNG.
16.3 Files recorded Can be traced back and downloaded on demand.
17. Increase the commissioning fee as a percentage per item. Can be configured Including courses, drugs and equipment with Username.
18. Add a summary report, including the commissions, doctor's hands / staff, examination fees Can be viewed in one report
19. Edit customer tags To be able to add, delete and edit names as needed and change the method of use to make it easier to use, no longer need to type the same word.
20. Add an internal appointment function or work note To facilitate the work within each clinic.
20.1 Able to set the appointment and time itself.
20.2 Able to add appointment details and delete and edit by yourself as needed.
20.3 Able to add appointments across dates and export reports to Excel. According to the desired date.
22. Quickly adjust the function to cut drug stock and equipment connected through cutting the course at Currently, it can be cut to a number of decimals already supported (e.g. 0.1 - 1 Ml).
23. You can adjust the appointment function, lock the time and select the doctor without needing confirmation from the admin. And adjust online appointments through www.clinicPRO.app Convenient and easy to use, and it's free.

1. Has opened the service Package Free
2. Improve the structure and add more safety.
3. Adjust the press to create a receipt to cancel the duplicate bill.
4. Add a service balance summary report. To provide marketing management to keep track of customers To use the remaining services etc.
5. Supports reports of active substances / narcotics, including
5.1. Royal Thai Police Report 2 (Type 2 psychotropic substances)
5.2. Report of Police Department 3/4 (Type 3,4 psychotropic substances)
5.3. Report of Sor Kor Sor 5/6/7 (Narcotics category 2)
5.4. Report of Ror Sor Sor 4/5 (Drug category 4,5) Plus, it also supports medical marijuana reports.
6. Added a field to fill in diagnostic information. And edit the retrieval of diagnostic data To the medical certificate of illness
7. Dasbos reports analyzes sales and marketing for ADS-FB enthusiasts.
8. Increase marketing usage rights
9. Editing can go back and edit the list (Note The checklist must not have been pressed to create a receipt.)
10. Open ancillary services That can make the system work more Can connect Can be both Application, Website, SEO Keyword, Accounting system to send financial statements, etc.
11. Add Operative Set function into the system (suitable for That sell a bunch with a large number of pills / devices)
12. Adjusted reports related to all procedures.
13. Adjust the work of many other areas. To make the system easier to work
14. Add medication / equipment history
15. Add function Set the privileges of each user according to the needs. (The person to be assigned must be User Only the first that the system produces)
16. Fixed a bug in summary of employee commission report.
17. Add a payment summary report. (To show the actual amount received in accordance with the amount)
18. In addition, pressing to confirm an appointment, the system will automatically queue up / And there is a topic to choose from Will check / will use the service
19. Sync appointments to google calendar API, can be connected according to each User. User right that can be connected is Manager / Doctor etc.
20. Changed the appointment schedule to be a beautiful calendar.
21. Additional functions of laboratory testing (Lab) and recording the results of the lab The most flexible and comprehensive ever Of the management system Clinics and nursing homes in Thailand Along with the examination system is divided into 2 types:
21.1 Regular general examination
21.2 Lab examination (Lab)

1. Add an API to connect to the system. Application Android & IOS
2. Language added, support for multiple languages Th/En/Mm/Lo
3. The system was connected. Clinic with App ClinicPRO Clinic Service Center / Clinic Promotion Center Various discounts, reviews, related information, general clinics, beauty clinics Thai-Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy Clinic All types of clinic Who have joined the system with us
4. Course selection To use the service, you can select all at once and press the + picture.
5. Assistant / employee hand fee In using the service You can choose more than 1 person.
6. The system has activated the Burmese language. Already (Translating into the system)
7.Cutting services / courses Before using the service The system can change List of drugs and equipment used Can be cost as needed
8. You can edit the OPD after that day. (Note of status Must be completed first)
9. Add function The system can cut courses / services across branches (can only be With more than one branch to be linked)
10. Can Download Application Android & IOS App ClinicPRO Got it
11. Add function Employees can now cut courses / services. To reduce the doctor's work
12. Add function Notification of the birthday promotion, which can choose to send both Line Notify/SMS/App ClinicPRO
13. Just a notification system in the event of an appointment. | Comment (Reviews From App ClinicPRO) From customers coming in Can work immediately
14. Added the function of adding history. OPD Can be done backwards through the quick receipt designer (can be added to List of receipts then press options) and print a medical certificate on the back.
15. Add a deposit function to issue a receipt quickly (how to make a deposit Then fill in the deposit amount). Remember that this method Can edit items In the receipt at any time until the course service is cut open. And the deposit will be a commission to Employees who make the transaction open the deposit only. According to the amount received as deposit
16. Added refund function. (Refund if there is any course or service that has been cut off at the actual cost of that course, if used function Refund The system will deduct the actual cost so that it will deduct the amount when opening the receipt.
17. Add function Icd10 inspection supported checklist and code That can be used to withdraw, request for reimbursement, the insurance Comes with a slip and a medical certificate.
18. Add function Supports fetching through Identity card.
19. Doctor / Doctor's hand fee Can be edited before cutting service.
20. Printing receipts can close the list of drugs / equipment.
21. Daily appointment list can search for name - surname - number.
22. Add a usage history log, including drug / equipment history, Inventory history / equipment, course history, receipt history, Payment history, Queuing history, Service history, System user history
23. Design format template, receipt / tax invoice / deposit format, both color-black and white. New, beautiful, modern
24. Add VAT settings separately / including 7% and 3%.
25. The system has adjusted the report to meet the laws of Narcotics Control Division
25.1 Has adjusted the report of the Company. Type 3,4
25.2 Added the Police Department 2 report, a report on the sale of psychotropic substances in type 2. Both daily, month and year.

1. An unlimited number of courses are organized. Limit the ending period instead of the fixed payment.
2.Work schedule Team worker In configuring the commissions per team
3. Add a notification system LINE Notify can be used as an appointment notification.
Promotion News Of that clinic, use free for life
4. Add details on the OPD Card, including
a. Physical examination (physical exam)
b. Details of how to use or take the drug Of different people by default
Details of how to use or take the drug Of different people by default
Can modify the usage according to The draft condition of that person is supported.
c. Rearranging Latest to top
5. Add details of drugs / equipment, how to use or take drugs. Directly linked to the drug itself Which can be set as a template
6. Change the face of drug labels and new functions. By simplifying and reducing work processes
7. Amend the profit shortage report - capital by extracting the cost of medicine / equipment Come out to calculate for Auto
8. Edit the employee commission summary report
9. Rearrange each page list, most recent list, top
10. Add direct printing to the customer account in the installment payment.
11. Cancel Key Enter on all pages.
12. Edit medication / equipment into the course without adding costs. We will pull the cost. Actually came out to calculate for it instead
13. Appointment booking system via Chat Bot AI
14. Connect the Chat Bot AI system to answer customer questions. Line / Facebook (optional module)
15. Connect the Chat Bot AI system to answer customer questions. Line / Facebook (optional module)
16. Add printing can be done in 2 types: receipt / tax invoice.
17. Add image enhancement filters. Examination room list Filter status upload before / after photos In order to make it easier to find items
18. Adjust the employee display page. To show your own commission
19. Increase the set discount of the right, each person can reduce it, do not exceed the system limit.
20. Add print appointment slip.
21. Increase the rights of employees Complete the information above. Instead of the doctor on the examination room list (Can only get some)
22. Add function Stock update (In case the product is damaged or needs to improve the stock, the system will cut it to 0, can only be managed by the manager)
23. Able to print tax invoices / receipts / small receipts and drug labels can be printed in 2 languages: Thai / English.
24. Add typing The medical certificate can be printed in 2 languages: Thai / English, which is the same as the Medical Council.
25. Edit record of customer information by adding Enter the ID card number and adjust the OPD Card Online information as the Medical Council.
26. Amend the drug label to be in the form of the Medical Council.
27. Edit Home page overview shows the list of empty drugs / equipment and setting reminders, number of reports of drugs / equipment running low - can be set at the store settings.
28. Add drug / equipment report that is running low and can be exported to Excel.
29. Add a function to edit the receipt list, which can add-delete items inside. (But must be in the state Waiting for payment)
30. Add expense report
31. Amendments to the sending of appointment reminders Line / SMS
32. You can add a retrospective operation by selecting the desired date.
33. You can add previous transactions by selecting the desired date.