Terms of Use

Sign Up / Use
• Users must be 18 years of age or older.
• Users must not copy content, modify, modify or distribute to others.
• Users must Responsible for username and password for system security.
• Users accept that the company Can edit the list of data sent into the system.
• Users will not make or attempt to hack the data system. Or write code that is harmful to the computer system.
• APSH Limited Partnership guarantees that the Clinic V2.3 system will not be interrupted, stopped, or error free.
• The company is not responsible for data loss. Under any circumstances.
• The company reserves the right to delete accounts of some users who violate the rules. Or violating intellectual rights Or defame Without prior notice

Privacy Policy
• Clinic V2.3 is constantly updating content, and continuously developing the system. By the company Will collect IP Address information, time and place of access Including other information Including data collection through the Google Analytic system.
• APSTH Partnership uses cookies to store data and exchange data. To be able to use Clinic V2.3.
• Users agree to receive various notifications. Via telephone, email, LINE or SMS and by mail.
• In the event that the company sends news to users Regardless of the method If you do not receive a response from the user or continue to return within 5 days, we will assume that the user has received the news and accepted it.
• Standards for protecting personal information Maintain strict security standards for the purpose of damage prevention Or access to your personal information without authority. APST Limited Partnership uses the Cloud database system that meets international standards of Which has equivalent international data security protection The website has SSL encryption for the security of data transmission between the website and the database.
• Disclosure of personal information. Your confidentiality and personal information is very important. APST Limited Partnership will not disclose your secrets or personal information to third parties or other organizations. No matter what purpose, except with your consent Or fulfilling your request In the case of compulsory law, such as following a court order or subpoena

Package Purchase
• Newly registered users will get a free trial. According to the number of days specified by the company Before making a decision for actual use Which cannot add more days.
• Payment will be paid before use. And once the operator has paid the required amount, the company will increase the date according to the amount transferred. The company will not change later until the expiration.
• Users who have previously applied will not receive new promotions. that came after date
• user Experience application will not be repeated again, or subscriptions can not change the username to get free trials - other promotions.

Refunds / Service changes
• The company does not have a refund policy. For the package fee that has already been purchased.
• The company reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.
• In the case of service fee change There will be a notification to every user (old customer) 30 days in advance and for users who buy long-term packages will not affect the number of days previously purchased.

Last modified on 27 September 2019