Terms Of Use

These Terms of Service are intended to inform the legal rights and obligations between "us" and "APSTH". (APS TH Ltd. Partnership) ”as“ Service Provider ”and“ You ”as“ User ”. Please read the details completely for your benefit.

1. Collection of personal information

  • “Agreement” is a term of service, a contract, subject to the terms Privacy Policy
  • The “counterparty” is APSTH (APSTH LP) and the user who subscribes to the service
  • “Service Fee” is the annual service fee that the user is obliged to pay according to the specified cycle according to the contract. According to the price shown in the quotation
  • "Information" is Any information that the user or an authorized person from the service user provides to APSTH. (AP STH Ltd., Part.)
  • “Confidential information” is information that the parties have provided to each other. Whether verbally, in writing Or electronic data But does not include any information Which has been published to the public already
  • “Service” is the provision of an online APS Platform clinic software, system or program suitable for Beauty clinic Specialized clinic Clinical Medicine Clinic, General Clinic, Midwifery Clinic Physical Therapy Clinic Thai-Chinese Medicine Clinic Internal Medicine Clinic Mother and child clinic Drug Treatment Clinic Suitable for all clinics
  • "System user" is any other person or company. That is not a service user who is a party to APSTH (APS TH Partnership) unless authorized by the user To be able to use the service on behalf of the user
  • “Subscriber” is the subscriber who is a contract party to APSTH (APSTH LP), excluding Users on the system
  • The “counterparty” is APSTH (APSTH LP) and the user who subscribes to the service
  • " Website "is www.apsth.com
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    2. Subscription

  • The user must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The user is responsible for the system security username and password.
  • Users must not copy, modify, modify or distribute content to third parties.
  • The user accepts APSTH (APSTH Ltd., Part., Ltd.) to be able to edit the list of information sent to the system.
  • The user will not attempt to hack or hack. Or write code that is harmful to the computer operation system
  • APSTH (APSTH Ltd., Part.) does not guarantee that the Clinic system will not be interrupted, Or error-free
  • APSTH (APSTH LP) is not responsible for any data loss. Under any circumstances
  • APSTH (APSTH LP) reserves the right to delete the Account. Of some users who violate the rules Or violate intellectual rights Or defame Without prior notice
  • 3. Renewal of contract

  • Contract extension. Package period of www.apsth.com Will be stipulated on the order confirmation document or quotation only. Near the end of APSTH contract (APSTH Partnership) will send a notification to the user before the end of the service period
  • 4. Termination of contract

  • Termination of contract. Subscriber has the right to terminate the contract by Sending a termination request to apsth456@gmail.com Such application will It will be effective during the service period on the last day of the said contract. In the event that you wish to terminate the contract with immediate effect (Before the end of the service period) The service you have paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • 5. Purchasing packages

  • New users will get a free trial. According to the number of days that APSTH (APSTH Before deciding to actually use Without being able to add more days
  • The payment will be payment before use. And when the user pays the required amount, APSTH (AP STH Ltd., Part.) The date will be added according to the amount transferred by APSTH (APSTH Partnership) will not change later until expiration.
  • Users who have already signed up will not receive any new promotions released after the subscription date.
  • Users who have already signed up may not be able to apply again, nor can they change their name. username To receive a free trial - other promotions
  • 6. Refund / Change of Service

  • APSTH (APS TH Partnership) has no refund policy. For packages that have already been purchased
  • APSTH (APSTH LP) reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.
  • In case of service charge change There will be a notification to users (existing customers). Know every 30 days in advance and For users who have purchased a long-term package, it will not affect the number of days previously purchased.
  • 7. Assignment

  • APSTH (APS TH LTD., Part.) You are not permitted to assign the rights and obligations arising out of under the contract. To other persons without the written consent of APSTH (APSTH Partnership Ltd.) only
  • Last modified: 27 September 2018

    For more information, please call 098-1816769 LINE ID: @ APSTH456
    Pay and send proof of transfer at line: @ apsth456 or another channel email: apsth456@gmail.com Link to the system ready. (username-password) will be sent by SMS to the provided number.