Dashboard (System Overview)

has outstanding functions no one like Written with all new technology System overview is designed to Easy to use and modern and looks comfortable on the eyes.

โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก

Customer management system

Customer tag
Automatically retrieve information via ID card
Multiple OPD examination records
Support for lab testing (Lab)
Support for Google Calendar appointments
Support to save before and after pictures and important documents.
Support for online appointments, lock time
You can do past transactions for both checking and opening receipts.
Support for installment payments and pay more than 1 channel
Support cutting courses across branches
Sales data analysis report

Appointment | Queuing System | Inspection System (Lab) | OPD Card

Save OPD Card Online
Print OPD Card in 2 languages En/Th
Support traceability
Support for general examination ICD 10
Lab Tests (Lab) Single Lab, Lab Set
Print lab results in 2 languages En/Th
Iternal appointment recording system
Appointment notification system Line Notify | SMS
Google Calendar appointment system
Time lock online appointment system (new)
Queuing system, check/use of service

โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก

Issuing receipts | Installment payments | Record expenses

Create a receipt
Receipt list
Accounts receivable
Save expenses
Support installments
Support deposit
Multiple payment methods
Support for retroactive receipts
Printable receipt/tax invoice/deposit slip
Printing supports 2 languages En/Th
Printing supports A5 A4 size, small slips.
Support refund system

Examination fee | Doctor's hand fee | Commission fee | Employee hand fee

Support check.
Support for medical expenses.
Support for employees.
Support for commissions per transaction.
The commission can be set in percentages.
Able to edit the hand, doctor, staff, retrospectivel.

โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก

Cutting the course | Using the service

Able to cut back courses
Cutting the course can be configured by many people.
Other people can use the course instead.
Able to cut courses across branches
Support cutting courses across branches
Cutting the course can change the medicine / equipment on the job site.

Course Management | Medicine/Equipment Management

Manage 3 types of courses, time limitation, day limitation, drug/equipment limitation.
Course list.
Course category
Medicines/equipment can be attached to the course list to cut costs.
Hands, doctors, staff can be configured in the course.
Drug/Equipment Listbr />
Drug/Equipment Stock Support for decimal cost cutting (0.1 Ml).
Support for the importation of Class 2 psychotropic substances.
Support for the importation of Class 3/4 psychotropic substances.
Support for the importation of narcotics of category 2.
Support for the importation of narcotics category 4/5.
Can import drugs/equipment different cost.
Drug/Equipment Category.
Drug/Equipment Type.
Stock update list.
Around stock, distributor.
Drug/Equipment Transfer List.

โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก
โปรแกรม คลินิก

System Settings | Restrict License

Manage system users
System permissions include manager, doctor, employee, marketing.
Limited licenses on demand
Set your commission as Percentage/Users
Add doctor information and open-close appointments online.
System user team
Set up clinic
Set authorization password
Set Document & SMS Subject
Add an examination room/service room
Payment method
Limited discount for system users
Package SMS
Supported currencies in the system are: THB, USD, LAK, MMK

Additional program functions

Various usage history

  • Customer history
  • Customer points history
  • Receipt history
  • Payment history
  • History, queuing for examination
  • Checklist history
  • History of examination details
  • Course history
  • History of the course service
  • Medicine / equipment history
  • Inventory history / equipment
  • Medicine / equipment movement history
  • History of doctor / employee hand fees
  • User history of the system
  • SMS history
  • Appointment history
  • History, expense record

  • Summary of reports

  • Summary of profit-loss
  • Summary of the receipt
  • Summary of payment
  • Summary of expenses
  • Accounts receivable report
  • Wallet history
  • Summary of drug / equipment sales
  • Summary of dispensing costs of drugs / equipment
  • Summary of course sales
  • Course usage report
  • Summary of the course movement
  • Course review report
  • Course balance summary report
  • Checklist analysis report
  • Course sales analysis report
  • Drug / equipment balance analysis report
  • Summary of customer sales
  • Summary of employee sales
  • Inspection report
  • An appointment report
  • Summary of medical hand fees
  • Summary of employee hand fees
  • Report commission
  • Summary of the total hand fee / commission
  • Summary of drug inventory / equipment
  • Summary of inventory of drugs / equipment
  • Summary of drug / equipment movements
  • Report almost all drugs / equipment
  • Report expired drug / device
  • Drug / equipment transfer report
  • Police officer report 2
  • Police officer report 3/4
  • Report Ror Sor Sor Sor 4/5
  • Report Yor Sor 5/6/7