General questions (FAQ)

Is a clinical management system Which helps you to manage your clinic conveniently, quickly and with maximum efficiency due to The system is easy to use. And completely use all devices Anytime, anywhere Through the internet. Suitable for general clinics, beauty clinics. Specialized medical clinic, nursing and maintenance, physiotherapy, medical technology clinic Thai Traditional Medical Clinic Applied medicine Suitable for every clinic
Cloud Computing is the way we use the software, systems, and resources of our service providers' computers. Via the internet Therefore there is no need to install any programs. And can be used on any device that is requested. It only has a web browser installed. Usually, user data is stored on a large server network that is maintained 24 hours and has high security. Thus reducing the risk of data loss due to computer crash Or attacked by a virus
1. A Web Application Run on Cloud Hosting via the internet. Our UX-UI system design is perfect with convenient operation, new technology in this era. Comprehensive and suitable for Management at the business level. Normally, user data is stored on a large server network that is maintained 24 hours a day and has high security. Thus reducing the risk of data loss due to computer crash Or attacked by a virus.
2. Extra service App ClinicPRO | service center promotion, discounts, reviews, relevant information This app will help to promote the sale of Your clinic To have more customers while also increasing sales and able to reach customers who want to use the service efficiently. Application Android & IOS
3. General start-up program When there is a technical failure, no one can fix it, the program doesn't have an update, but APSTH has someone to fix and update the system regularly.
4. General start-up program when there is a problem, the machine is stolen, stuck. viruses and data loss and need to be reinstalled, but also APSTH driven to seamlessly
5. air programs generally use only a single machine. Yo To solve problems and do things that are not convenient Opening a new branch and the data is not connected. Finally, have to buy more. The cost escalates, but APSTH can be used for multiple devices from anywhere. Data is connected to each other.
6. Common engine start-up programs are available for people to access information at all times, such as Revenue Department, Saran Suk, or those who have only rights to access the data.
Our team attaches great importance to protecting the information and confidentiality of users. All data in the system is stored on the cloud, which is protected and backed up regularly (Backup), which is more secure than storing data in a computer, store or at home. The user's personal information will be kept without disclosure to the store or any other person. Including the team of developers are unable to access the user's information without permission. You can read the terms of use. And privacy here : Privacy policy
Users can save or export documents in a CSV file for local storage or further use. Which can be used with programs in the calculation table (Spreadsheet) like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. The person who is able to save the data must have the right to access the report data only.
The system is compatible with Macbook, iMac, Notebook, PC and Linux operating systems. Just install Google Chrome on your device and you can use the program to use it.
Every time new functions are updated The system will update those functions automatically. The user can immediately start using these new functions, where Do not waste any time and money Update list
You can inquire about additional uses at LINE: @apsth. Or you can watch the VDO tutorial here.
The minimum computer requirements for operating the system are as follows:
1. Desktop PC or Notebook: CPU Intel Processor I3, RAM: 4GB (recommended) at least
2. 15 Mb internet signal (for home internet) or 3G network At least
3. OS: Windows, Apple Mac, or Linux (any version)
4. Google Chrome web browser
5. Thermal Printer Thermal or general receipt printing machine
6. Cash Drawer Cash drawer
7. Printer Thermal printer sticker or label drugs.
APSTH will have 1 training for your clinic in teaching how to use the program by remote control. If wanting to teach more Please contact to make an appointment from the team, without having to pay anything in case you want to go. Teach usage to the clinic The clinic has to pay for travel and accommodation expenses. In the case of teaching for many days
System installation It won't take long after the customer informs the payment to the staff. Complete and send the clinic information to the staff. Just wait no more than 20 minutes.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL +6698-1816769 LINE ID. เพิ่มเพื่อน

Make payment and send proof of payment at line: apsth or another email: Login link ready (user-password) will be sent to the SMS informed