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Is a clinic management system That allows you to manage your clinic easily, quickly and efficiently. Easy to use system And complete, can be used on all devices Anytime anywhere Via the Internet network suitable for general clinics Beauty clinic Clinic of specialty medicine, nursing and support, physical therapy. Medical Technology Clinic Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic Applied Traditional Medicine Suitable for every clinic

Cloud Computing is how we use software, systems, And computer resources of the service provider Through the Internet So there is no need to install any programs. And can be used on any device that only requires a Web Browser installed Usually, user data is stored on a large network of servers that are maintained throughout. 24 hrs. And has high security Thus reducing the risk of data loss due to computer failure. Or being attacked by a virus

1. It is a Web Application Run system on Cloud Hosting via the Internet. The design of our system in line with UX-UI. That perfectly comes with comfortable use, new technology in this era Comprehensive and suitable for Administration in business level Usually, user data is stored on a large network of servers that are maintained throughout. 24 hrs. And has high security Thus reducing the risk of data loss due to computer failure. Or being attacked by a virus.
2. Additional services App. ClinicPRO | Clinic Service Center Promotion Various discount clinics, reviews, related news and information This app will help promote the sale of Your clinic To have more customers and also help increase sales and reach customers who want to use the service effectively. Android Application & amp; IOS
3. General start-up program when there is a technical failure, no one can fix it, The program is not updated, but APSTH. Someone can help solve problems and update the system regularly.
4. General start-up program when the machine has a problem, the machine is stolen, infected with a virus Programs and data will be lost and must be reinstalled. But APSTH continues to drive without interruption.
5. General engine start program can only be used on one device Solving the problem, doing anything is inconvenient Opened a new branch and the data is not connected. Finally, need to buy more. The cost escalates But APSTH Work with multiple devices from anywhere. All data is connected.
6.General engine start program, people can access information at any time, such as the Revenue Department. Sarn Thanon Suk Or those who have only the right to access the information

User can save or export (Save or Export) documents as CSV files. For storing on the device or continuing to use Which can be used with the program in the spreadsheet (Spreadsheet) like Microsoft Excel. Or Google Sheets. The person who can save the information must have the right to the user who can access the reports only.

he system is compatible with Macbook, iMac, Notebook, PC and Linux operating systems. Just install Google Chrome On your device, it can be used, the program will be able to use it.

Every time a new function is updated. The system will automatically update those functions. Users can start using these new functions as soon as Do not waste any time and money. Update list.

The minimum computer requirements for running the system are as follows: 1. Desktop PC or Notebook: CPU Intel Processor I3, RAM: 4GB (recommended) at least
2. Internet signal speed 15 Mb (for home internet) or network 3G at least
3.OS Operating System: Windows, Apple Mac, or Linux (any version)
4. Google Chrome web browser
5. Thermal Printer Thermal or general receipt printing machine
6. Cash Drawer Cash Drawer
7. Thermal Printer, label printer, label printer

APSTH will provide training in the use of your clinic. Time in teaching to use the program by remote remote If you want to teach more Please contact to make an appointment from the team without any charges. In case you want to go Teaching use to the clinic The clinics have to pay for travel and accommodation expenses in In case of teaching several days

System installation It takes a short time after the customer notifies the staff for payment. And send the information of the clinic to the staff Just wait no more than 20 minutes.